Scrum is a framework for developing and sustaining complex products, within this framework people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. It is simple to understand, but extremely difficult to master. Scrum Hong Kong wants to help you succeed in agile adoption, we provide Scrum related training as we believe Education is the best way to change someone's mindset. Our Mission is to improve the profession of software delivery in Hong Kong.

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Lorenz Cheung 

He is the first Professional Scrum Trainer in Hong Kong and is one of the twelve PST in the world certified to teach all range of courses. He also teaches in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Malaysia, Australia. He learned Scrum from the master, Ken Schwaber, the co-founder of Scrum.

Lorenz has 8 years / 11000+ hours of experience as Scrum Master. He has been leading Agile Software Development in Hong Kong and London for 12 years, from small start-ups of 2 people to large enterprises with more than 30000 people.

With a software Engineering background in Web & Mobile, Lorenz has a wide range of technical skills and is able to coach development team engineering practices, software development principles. He also works closely with Senior Management, CxO levels for Business and Product Strategy. His strong business background combined with his deep technical understanding gives Lorenz a unique perspective. He understands the expectations that business has of technology and has the practical experience on how to bring business agility to Enterprise.

He just led the team to achieve Best Mobile App at Hong Kong ICT award 2016.

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Stephen Lui

I and my colleagues at HKBN just attended Lorenz's Scrum Master Training. We found the training was very useful in learning the new methodology and insightful. It certainly helped us to re-engineer the existing software development process. I would recommend anyone who is interested in Agile development to attend his course.

Associate Director &  Co-Owner at HKBN

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I can strongly recommend Lorenz and his Scrum training for getting certified and implementing Scrum in your company. He has walked his talk with award-winning digital projects implemented in Scrum. He uses real life stories and a participative teaching style that models the proper use of scrum which is easy to understand. Interested in Scrum? See Lorenz first!

Digital Delivery Manager at HSBC

Philip Pun

Lorenz is an experience scrum trainer and also strong in scrum implementation. He helps to build up the Scrum team in Cathay Airway and lead many key projects to deliver successfully. He also trained over 100 developers of my developer team and make them practical in using Scrum methodology.

Senior Director at Automated Systems (HK) Limited

Kenny Mak


Professional SCRUM Foundations™

PSF Course

Professional SCRUM Developer™

Professional SCRUM Product Owner™

PSPO Course

SCRUM Master™

PSM Course

Scaled Professional SCRUM™ with NEXUS

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Henry Tang

Lorenz's ScrumMaster and Product Owner courses are exceptional. He has lots of agile working experience on real world projects. He knew how to make it works. And he understand our pain points and able to give us good advices, which are exactly what we need. 

I strongly recommend anyone who are transforming there team to run agile taking both ScrumMaster and Product Owner courses, those who are currently Product Manager or Project Manager to take the Product Owner course.

Vice President at Morgan Stanley

I attended Lorenz's Professional Scrum Master course and was very impressed with both his knowledge and his very effective skills as facilitator/teacher. 

I can happily recommend both the course and Lorenz for any organisation or individual taking the Agile journey.

AVP Delivery Operations at PCCW Solutions

Kathryn Morrison

Lorenz is a professional scrum trainer! I like the training workshop/exercise the most at it helped me to recall what I learnt from the training easily and passed the exam just by memory!!

Scrum Master at jobsdb

Tammie Kwok


Professional SCRUM Foundations™

PSF Course

Professional SCRUM Developer™

Professional SCRUM Product Owner™

PSPO Course

SCRUM Master™

PSM Course

Scaled Professional SCRUM™ with NEXUS

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